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Ⅰ. Aims of Education
     The Administrative Police Department was founded in 1957. In 1970, the master ‘s program was established. Currently, this department recruits freshmen from senior high schools and juniors from rank and file with Associate degree. To build foundations for police science, to improve the quality of police education, to maintain social orders and to serve the public, this department puts emphasis on developing related studies of police and on cultivating excellent police administrators.
II. Academic Activities and Works
     The department makes efforts to connect theories and practices in designing curriculum, while having the responsibility to steer for the field police work at the same time. Accordingly, in addition to the regular courses, the department holds academic conferences and other activities periodically; faculty members and graduate students frequently do academic researches serving as policy alternatives for related government agencies.
III.Curriculum Planning and Administration
    The department is interdisciplinary and integrative in nature, drawing upon many disciplines. Among these disciplines are police science, basic laws, public administration, and other auxiliary courses. In the two-year program, the subject of crime scene processing and that of evidence collection are put into the curriculum. The master’s program is focused on how to enhance the ability of graduate students to do academic researches and the ability of management. 
1. Four-year Bachelor Degree Program
     Students must complete 128semester hours of course work. Among them, 93 hours are required and at least 35 hours optional.
2. Two-year Bachelor’s Degree Program
     Students in this program are all current police officers. To meet the students’ demands, this department designs educational plans fitted for them. Students must complete 72 semester hours of course work. Among them, 57 hours are required and 15 hours are optional.
3. Master’s Program
     In order to graduate, students of the Master's Program are required to have a minimum of 24 credits of course work (excluding thesis).
4. Ph.D. Program
     In order to graduate, students of the Ph.D. degree s Program are required to have a minimum of 28 credits of course work (excluding thesis).
IV. Faculty Members
     There are 17 faculty members in this department consisting of 6 full professors, 3 Associate professors, 1 Assistant professor, 2 lecturers and 5 instructors.
V. Career and Advanced Study of Students after Graduation
     The students of this Department after graduation need to pass the three-tiered police special examination administered by the Ministry of Examination and Selection, the Examination Yuan, and become qualified by the Ministry of Qualification. Then, they will be granted their official title and assigned to the various police organizations as lieutenant. In the meantime, they also will obtain the status of national public official. After police practical training on their works, most of them assume the supervisory role and the staff chief in the various levels of the police organizations (from the top on Police Commission, Police Headquarters, the various special task forces to the bottom on the precinct, the station, the various company and division). After their mandatory service period expires (six years for the university students and three years for the graduate students), depending on their personal interest and career goal, the students of this Department can choose to participate in the national examinations to serve the various central or local public offices such as Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Justice, Examination Yuan and Personnel Administration Bureau or turn into the private sector.
2. Advanced Study
     To respond to the prevailing trend at the time and match the social movement, the Master Class of Police Administration Graduate School was established in 1970 as the channel for study and research advancement of the graduates of this Department. So far it has been more than thirty years. The number of the masters it nurtured exceeds more than two hundreds. A lot of them right now are the high ranking officers in the various organizations. To upgrade the study and research on police science, this Department established Administrative Police Graduate School in 1983. In the meantime, to meet the social security environment and raise the quality of police science study, the doctor class was also established. 
     In addition, the graduates of this Department studied and obtained their degrees in the master class and doctor class of the other universities in our country in the following subjects: Public Administration, Business Administration, Law, Social Science, Crime Prevention. A lot of the students of this Department also studied and obtained their doctor degree in the domestic university or foreign university after acquiring their master degree in the master class of this university or other universities.
3 Overseas Study
     A lot of the students of this Department after their graduation directly went abroad with the government funding by passing the public funding overseas study examination or with their own fund to study and obtain their master and doctor degrees. Or, they went abroad directly to study and obtain their doctor degree after studying and obtaining their master degree in the master class of this university or other universities. 
     The countries where they applied and were accepted for their study are the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, and Germany. The subjects which they study are Police Administration, Public Administration, Law, Political Science, Business Administration and Criminal Science. In the past, this channel also produce a lot of the master and doctor students for this Department.
VI. Future Prospects
1.To establish Ph.D. program
     The purpose of establishing Ph.D. program is to improve academic level of policing, to assist the police practice and to integrate the police academic system. Particularly, the program will be prepared for high rank police executives who have great influences on police morale and performance. The establishing of the program has been in process.
2. To start classes for alumni
     To serve the alumni who are not able to leave their work too long and be a full-time graduate student, this department has offered special courses since 1995 for them to be a part-time student. Besides, non-degree courses are opened for people interested in the study of police.
3. To encourage to do research
     Doing research is a good way to learn to study independently. Therefore, this department encourages the faculty members and graduate students to engage in research work. Also, we seek opportunity to cooperate with police agencies to do some projects that are worthwhile in terms of both practical and academic purpose.